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English Springer Spaniel dog

Picture of cute English Springer spaniel dog playing with his owner
English Springer Spaniel dog
English Springer spaniel dog is a good family dog, English Springer spaniel dog is a hunting dog, English Springer spaniel dog is smart and playful dog.
Previously known as "rouse Spaniel» (springing spaniel) meant the dogs, from whom many modern breeds of land spaniels. In the 1800's Springer and Cockers are often born in one litter, they are distinguished solely by size. In 1902 the English Kennel Club recognized the English Springer Spaniel as a separate breed.
In 1880 was organized by the American Spaniel Club, the task he considered the separation of spaniels in size, all dogs weighing over 13 kilograms are classified as Springer. Despite the English Springer Spaniel dog fact that some American hunters have such dogs, they became known later, when in 1924 the Association of field tests of English springer spaniel, and three years later (1927) Association became involved in breeding and breed. Its purpose was to improve the exterior and the working abilities of Springer.
Standard American Kennel Club, adopted in 1927 and was first revised in 1932, called for the fullest development of capabilities Springer - a dog who, having passed the appropriate training, could perform their hunting destination.
The Association holds an annual field trial that showed the public how well the Retriever. The larger events were, the wider and faster would be to find a dog and if it underwent a course of training, to obey orders owner.
The English Springer Spaniel dog current standard, no doubt, transformed the rock and made it more of the same type as the working qualities, and on the exterior. Springer - the recognized hunting dog, and therefore should not lose any of the standard features. For example, he should not have massive bone structure, to be stocky, not to lose the advantage when working in the field. Its main purpose - to hunt and find game

Three cute English Springer spaniel puppies- two male and one female
 English Springer Spaniel dog
English Springer Spaniel puppies are cute and playful dogs, English Springer Spaniel dog is smart family dog.
Springer Spaniel. Official Standard
Approved June 13, 1978 Revised February 14, 1989
General view. English springer spaniel - hunting dog of medium size with a nice, compact body and docked tail. Coat - moderately long and glossy with feathering on the legs, ears, front and bottom of the chest and rib cage. Hanging ears, gentle, quiet expression of the eyes, a strong addition and friendly wagging tail indicates it belongs to an ancient family of Spaniels.
First of all, it is harmoniously combined dog, all parts of the body which is perfectly balanced and in harmony with each other. His upright posture and a deep body, long enough and muscular limbs, light movements. Short, straight back, well developed thighs, strong shoulders and feet leave the impression of strength, endurance and agility. In general, it looks like a dog that can hunt long and hard for any adverse conditions. Moreover, he likes what he does. Springer has dignity, harmony and energy, he hunter to the bone, and combines these features of the breed, as the beauty and performance.
Vices: the absence of the characteristic features of English Springer in the exterior, the expression and behavior.
Growth, proportion, composition. Springer folded so that it can easily yi relatively quickly move through any terrain. It should be medium size - not too light and not too large or heavy to do the work for which it was designed. Ideal height at withers: males - 51 cm, females, 48 ??cm length of the body (the distance from the withers to the base of the tail) should be approximately equal to the height at the withers, but in any case not more or much less. A dog with a very long body, especially the long loin, tires quickly, it lacks the typical compact silhouette of the breed. It is also desirable that the corps was too short. In this case too long limbs break the balance and coordination. Weight may vary depending on the size of the dog. Male height of 51 cm, harmoniously proportioned, in good condition should weigh 22.2 - 25 kg. In general, the dog should look okay tailored, strong, with a strong but not too heavy bone structure and in any case not rude or crude addition.
Faults: Height at the withers by 2.5 cm more or less standard, being overweight, ill addition, vysokonogost and lightweight bones English Springer Spaniel dog.

Funny English Springer Spaniel puppy in a basket
English Springer Spaniel dog
English Springer Spaniel puppy is active and friendly dog, English Springer Spaniel dog has well-developed musculature.
Head is large but not heavy. Its beauty lies in the harmony of the fortress of addition and refinement. It is important that head size and its proportions match the rest of the body. In profile, head length approximately equal to the length of the neck. Go Stop, a form of superciliary arches and the English Springer Spaniel dog shape of the infraorbital space complement a charming and characteristic expression in his eyes Springer. Vivid expression in his eyes, kind, trust. Eyes - the most attractive feature of Springer. Eye color, their location and size to a large extent affect their expression. The eyes should be medium in size. Posed a relatively wide eyes, they planted a relatively deep. Eye color should harmonize with coat color, preferably dark hazel in dogs liver color and dark brown (black) in dogs black and white color. Eyelids lean, tight, and the third eyelid is not visible at all or only slightly noticeable. Ears are set at eye level, not too far away brushed. Long and fairly wide, they fit snugly to the head, the bottom of their in no case are lifted up or sideways. Thin, long enough to close the nose. Skull of medium length, proportionally broad, flat top, slightly rounded on the sides and rear. Occiput weakly expressed, rather rounded than pointed or cornered. The length of the muzzle is approximately equal to the length of the skull and is in harmony with its wide and general structure. When viewed from the top width of the muzzle is approximately half the width of the skull. The transition from forehead to muzzle is moderately expressed, between the eyes of the transition from forehead to muzzle and runs until the middle of the forehead surface groove. The upper line of the muzzle slightly raised. The English Springer Spaniel dog transition from forehead to muzzle emphasizes the median groove, the position and shape of the superciliary arches, which must be relatively high up in the air. Cheeks flat (not convex, and abundant and thick), without retractions under the eyes. When viewed from the side of the upper line of the forehead and muzzle lie in two approximately parallel planes. Nasal bridge straight, without going down to the nose, it would give to an unwanted dog and uncharacteristic of the breed appearance. Nose broad, with open nostrils, liver or black, depending on color. Jaws are long enough to easily hold its prey. Square or slightly elongated in shape, lean, strong and straight. Upper lip, and about a square, drops deep enough to completely cover the lower jaw, but his lips are not raw, without Bryl. Teeth strong and white, not too small. Scissors bite (lower teeth relate to the inner surface of the upper).
Flaws: small, round, large or protruding, as well as restless, suspicious, aggressive or angry expression of the eyes, yellow or brass (copper color), eye color and much lighter coat color. Raw, pendulous eyelids. Clearly visible third eyelid. Short, round, raised too high, too low and of delayed too far back his ears. Rome (hooked) nose, the hollow back of the nose ("snub nose"). "Dudley nose (flesh color) or nose-butterfly (patchy color). Oval, pointed or massive skull. Schekastost. Too harsh or too smooth transition from forehead to muzzle. Disproportionately heavy, too short, too wide or narrow muzzle. Pendulous, raw lips.
ELIMINATING FAULTS: Overshot or undershot
Cute English Springer Spaniel puppy sitting on the table
English Springer Spaniel dog
English Springer Spaniel dog is an intelligent dog, English Springer Spaniel dog loves human company.
Neck, Topline, Body. The English Springer Spaniel dog neck is medium length, muscular, with a slightly convex nape, smoothly connected with the case. Supplier is not too high. Go to the withers without a pronounced angle. The topline is slightly sloping from withers to tail, but not cool. The back is almost straight. Croup is only slightly lower than the withers. Housing sturdily built, compact. The chest is deep, up to the elbows, but not too wide or round, to constrain the movement of the forelegs. The ribs are rather long, gradually rounded off to the middle, flattening the bottom. Bottom line shell from the elbow is almost no recovery until the end of the chest, then goes up markedly, but not so much that the dog was a "narrow waist" or explicit fry. Spin from the withers to the loins is straight and strong, without sag, cavity, or hunchback. Loin muscular, short, slightly convex. The croup is rounded with a slight slope to the base of the tail. Tail Springer - an indicator of his temperament and the right addition. Characteristic of the Springer is hilarious povilivanie tail. His posed a relatively low and continues to the natural line of croup. The dog's tail is almost horizontally, in an excited state slightly lifts. Vertically raised tail is atypical for the breed. Should not be cut short tail is too short.
Faults: short neck (often a consequence of vertical blades), sheep (short and loaded), concave neck, too much dewlap. Too sloping back, which is associated with a steep crest (when explicitly conditional blades) and the sharply sloping croup. Insufficiently deep chest, too flat or barrel, which prevents movement. Sway back, which points to its weakness or lack of muscle development. Roach back (too convex over the loins and back) Arch.

English Springer Spaniel dog
 English Springer Spaniel dog
Sharply angled or straight croup - unsightly flaws that distort the natural forms of the English Springer Spaniel dog and prevent its proper motion. Upright tail. Too low or too high set tail. Tails between their legs (pointing to the cowardice or weakness of the nervous system - the lack of an even more objectionable than the "too gay raised tail").Forequarters. Shoulder blades are flat, smooth blend with the lines of the English Springer Spaniel dog body, the upper edges of the blades converge fairly closely. Efficient movement of forelimbs requires proper structure blades. In Springer oblique blades to form a shoulder bone angle of approximately 90 °, which allows the dog free to make the front legs. Elbows pinned to your body, move freely through the structure of the shoulders. Forearms are straight. Forelimb bones strong, slightly flattened, not too heavy and not round. Pasterns short, strong. Feet round or slightly oval, compact, arched, medium in size with thick pads and toes covered with a thick long hair. Excess hair on the legs removed to show the natural shape and size of the feet.Faults: Steep, straight blades, impeding the proper way; loaded blades (protruding shoulder blades, that is due to the excessive development of the muscles). Loose elbows, barrel posed forelimbs. Too easy or rough and massive bones. Weak, sloping pasterns. Thin, flat, or raspushennye long and quite narrow feet.
Hindquarters. Springer should exhibit in working condition, with well-developed musculature. The entire rear portion of the housing must leave the impression of strength and ability to powerfully push off. The hip joints are placed pretty well, croup nicely rounded. Thighs broad and muscular. Knee joints are strong, with moderately angulated. Hocks slightly arched, not straight and sharp, with moderately angulated. Hocks are short and strong with good bone. When viewed from the rear shank parallel to each other, whether the dog in the rack, or is in motion. Feet should be the same as in forequarters.Malformations: direct or saber fencers of limbs. Narrow, weak, underdeveloped hips. Too short or too long metatarsus (the ideal length of the shank - 1 / 3 of the distance from hip to foot). Cow hocks. Poorly developed musculature (loose). Weak joints

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