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Black and Tan Coonhound dog

Gorgeus Black and Tan Coonhound dog hunting
 Black and Tan Coonhound dog
Black and Tan Coonhound dog is an ancient breed, Black and Tan Coonhound dog is a hunting dog, Black and Tan Coonhound dog is intelligent and fast dog.
Although this dog was recently added to the list of purebred dogs, according to historical data, black and tan kunhaund is an ancient breed. In all likelihood he is descended from the Talbot Hound, which was known in England in the XI century, during the reign of William I, Duke of Normandy. His ancestors can be traced from the Bloodhound and Foxhound English Foxhound to Virginia, which is often called black and tan.
This breed, derived in the U.S. due to color (because there are dogs - hunters of raccoons - other colors) and the ability to hunt raccoon and opossum, were bred for many years, and in 1945 he brought her AKC in its register.
Black and tan kunhaund chases the beast with skill and hard, though not especially fast. The way it is reminiscent of hunting Bloodhound, that is, he hunts only instinct, holding his nose to the ground, "vzlaivaya" or giving a voice hunted animal in a tree. Despite the fact that this dog was specifically derived for hunting raccoon, it is just as good hunting for deer, mountain lion, bear and other large animals
Cute Black and Tan Coonhound puppy sleeping on its pillow
 Black and Tan Coonhound dog
Cute Black and Tan Coonhound puppyslepping. Black and Tan Coonhound dog  is a hunting dog.
Black and tan kunhaund. Official Standard
Approved December 11, 1990
General view. Black and tan kunhaund primarily a hunting dog, he must withstand harsh winter conditions, summer heat, work on rough terrain. Its main purpose - to hunt down and drive a raccoon up a tree in pursuit of prey purely bottom flair. Working qualities kunhaunda and his courage to allow its use in hunting deer, bear, cougar and other big game.
The club, which finances this breed, the experts asked to pay particular attention to its working qualities.
Hallmarks of the breed - the power, energy and alertness. It affects their ability to move with powerful, sweeping, rhythmic leaps.
Growth, proportion, composition. Height: Males - 64 - 69 cm, females - 58 - 64 cm more growth is allowed, subject to maintaining harmonious composition, and breed characteristics.
Proportions: Dog square format (body length equal to or slightly greater than the height at the withers).
Addition: the backbone of a strong and well muscled. Males more than strong bones and muscles, than females.
Malformations: growth below this. Vysokonogost, squat
Male Black and Tan Coonhound dog hunting in the forest
 Black and Tan Coonhound dog
Gorgeus Black and Tan Coonhound male dog hunting in the forest. Black and Tan Coonhound dog is a running dog.
Head dry. Head length from occiput to the nose of the males 23 - 25 cm, females 20 - 23 cm Expression eyes watchful, benevolent and intelligent. Nostrils wide open, nose black. Flews well developed and give the dog a typical hound appearance. Eyes of hazel to dark brown, rounded and shallowly planted. Hanging ears, set close to the nape. They hang beautiful folds (curl), giving the dog
The skull oval. Go Stop is moderate. Length of muzzle equal to length of skull. The skull and muzzle are parallel. The incisors are located in one line, scissor bite.
Vices: too raw, pendulous lips, yellow or light eyes; ears, do not reach the tip of the nose or set too high, any deviation from a scissor bite.
Neck, Topline, Body. The neck is muscular, medium-hocked, medium length, no dewlap. The back is straight, strong and powerful. Ribs protruding. Chest deep - up to the elbows or below. The tail is strong, planted just below the back line, dropped down in the motion raised vertically upwards.
Forelimbs. Shoulders strong and powerful. Forearms are straight, elbows turning neither in nor out. The pasterns are strong and vertical. Feet are compact, arched and tight, with thick, sturdy pads.
Vices: flat or splay foot.
Hind legs with good bone and muscular. Tibia are long and muscular, hocks are short and stout. The knee and hock joints are well-marked, turning neither in nor out. In the rack legs are drawn back, paw steep.
Flaws: dewclaws
Black and Tan Coonhound dog walking in the forest with his owner
 Black and Tan Coonhound dog
Black and Tan Coonhound dog has balanced temperament, sociable and friendly.
Coat. The coat is short, but dense. Color jet black with a luscious tan above the eyes, on sides of muzzle, chest, legs and anal area with black bands on their fingers.
Flaws: the absence or clarification, the excess area or prevalence of Zacher-tan. White markings on chest or other body parts.
Disqualifying faults: a large white spot more than 2.5 cm in diameter.
Movement. When viewed from the kunhaund moves easily and gracefully, making the big vymah front legs and a strong push back. When viewed from the front limbs to move easily, without interfering. When viewed from the rear hocks move in line with the front legs, not too wide and not too close set. With increasing speed, the limbs close to the center line of gravity, which indicates that the right move. In a move the dog holds his head and tail high, while the topline is straight and strong.
Balanced temperament, sociable and friendly. Since this is a hound, she should be able to work closely with other dogs.
Vices: aggression towards people or other dogs.
Note. Scars received while working in the field, not considered a vice.
Large white patch in excess of 2.5 cm in diameter

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